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Unconventional-Subcontinental explained

In 2015 co-founders Kiran Bains and Alistair French cooked up the interesting idea of building an eatery that served up dishes using the bangin' flavours of the Indian Subcontinent, but in new and interesting ways. It was from here that the concept for Brick Lane, the home of Unconventional-Subcontinental food, was born.

Most people would have heard of the famous street in London, Brick Lane, renowned for it's incredible curries, striking street art, funky fashion and edgy politics. So it's no surprise that this area of London became a destination not only for foodies after a flavour kick, but for creative minds craving something a little bit......unconventional. 

So, in the spirit of being unconventional, the dishes you'll find at Brick Lane in Darlinghurst are pretty different to the  stereotypical curries you'll find in most Indian/Bangladeshi inspired restaurants. But although the dishes are different, the flavours remain true to what you'd  expect to find in food inspired by London's Brick Lane.

To put it simply, the food is Unconventional - Subcontinental